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The term smart home has become increasingly widespread, but what does it really mean?

How smart is “smart” when it comes to heating a home?

We all want to be comfortable in our homes, but how often do you need to put on an extra jumper, or open a window because the heating programming doesn’t correlate with the temperature outside?

At Wheatley we believe that a truly smart home needs services that can make decisions based on all the available sources of information, instantaneously – delivering peace of mind that what you want is consistently happening without your intervention.

That is why we came up with the Boiler Genius concept. Smart thermostats are now commonly available to control the temperature of a home, even allowing control of the temperature inside when you are not there. But how do you know that your home is working at its most efficient to deliver the chosen temperature?

Boiler Genius optimises the use of thermostat controlled heating, to deliver the temperature wanted when required. Using machine learning, Boiler Genius assesses the thermal properties of a home, monitors the weather outside and continually combines this information with the internal temperature of a room, or rooms. Turning the heating on and off only when it is needed to keep your home just as you want it.

Wheatley’s skill is in deriving real and meaningful insight from a broad range of data sources, to help deliver solutions that the user values and can trust. Boiler Genius will work with existing smart thermostats and can even be combined with information regarding the micro-generation and home storage of electricity, saving energy and money without compromise on comfort.

We work with a range of partner organisations to deliver our solutions and we want to hear what you think of our ideas. Get in touch – we’d be happy to discuss your thoughts.



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