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Energy generation is changing...

2017 saw the greenest year ever for energy, with the use of coal decreasing dramatically and the UK relying more and more on renewables. As a company, Wheatley have recently expanded our premises to make room for our ever-growing headcount and whilst going through this expansion we looked into getting solar panels for our office. As with any business, we wanted to make sure that the investment would be worth our time and began looking into how cost effective it would be for us to have solar panels, and also, whether there were any other forms of renewable energy that would be worth us having – such as battery storage or a wind turbine.

basil-iphone8-inpage.jpgWe quickly realised that there is no easy way to gather this information, and work out how much it would cost you, or save you. If you had solar panels, how much would you still rely on power from the grid, and what if you added battery storage into the mix? When do you start selling power back to the grid?

And then it dawned on us; we had the skills to build this sort of tool. With very little data in this area being publicly available, and not coming across any publicly available tools, it was a challenge. But we got there, we built this tool – now named PowerFull – and we wanted to show you the sort of thing we can do. It didn’t take us long, and we had no data to plug into it in the beginning, but despite all of that, we’re pretty proud of it. Just imagine what we could do if we had some data in the beginning!

Click the button below to have a play and see how things change depending on the weather, the size of the wind turbine or battery, the number of household occupants, etc.

If you have any questions, or want to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.




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