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Allowing customers to see their individual water consumption over time.

Effectively managing water usage benefits everyone - the customer paying the bill, the water company meeting demand for clean water and processing waste and the environment, where water is a fundamental and precious resource.

It's often the little things that can make a difference. 

customer-app-inpage.pngWheatley's Customer Engagement app is specifically designed to provide domestic water customers with an easy to use tool to record and monitor how much water they are using.

With the ability to look at historic meter reading data and anonymised sources of comparitive data, such as typical usage in your neighbourhood, or profiles of families and houses similar to you, customers can see how efficient their individual water usage is.

Engagement is key to happy customers and so our app is fully branded to the water supplier and includes the ability to send tips and reminders, or for customers to get in touch, to ensure that water usage stays front of mind.



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