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Meter Data Management

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Big data - a topic of many conversations across the country.

Wheatley's Meter Data Management solution aims to take any type of meter data and convert it into useful information that you can act upon and provides a tool that helps you engage with customers.

Data has more than one audience, and Wheatley's MDM solution recognises this and will present data in a way the person accessing information can make the best use of it. It's pitched at being a next generation browser-based application that can be accessed anywhere.

The key features for the MDM solution include:mdm-inpage.png

  • A responsive, flexible and scalable repository for all meter data regardless of source/method of delivery
  • The ability to manage and maximise intelligence provided by the meters, e.g. leakage and backflow alarms, including when the first instances are detected
  • Calculation and displays of night flows and DMA water balancing
  • Qmin and Qmax displays where data is provided through an AMR/AMI solution
  • And many more features, and benefits


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