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Sharing data can lead to great things. 

The water market gathers many thousands of data items everyday, but knowing what to do with it and who can benefit can be tricky. Wheatley and many other software companies offer solutions that use data to improve business efficiency and save customers money, but data can do so much more.

open-data-inpage.pngHow do the public, or decision makers in other industries find out about our water supply infrastructure, rates of demand and supply, leakage, environmental targets or anything else they'd like to know about our most important national resource?

Wheatley (and arguably Ofwat) believe this information should be easily available and we have spent some time thinking about how best to do this. 

Our Open Data platform is an easy to use, online tool that gives the public access to whatever sources of data a water company would like to share. With different choices on how to display the data and simple analysis tools users of the platform can find out what they want to know, when they want to know it.



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