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Pressure Management

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Manage pressure, reduce bursts...

Sudden changes in water pressure cause events such as burst mains. Wheatley's Pressure Management solution aims to reduce leakage by keeping pressures low using intelligent algorithms to gain insights into the cause and effect of pressure variations on the network.

Our solution is still in concept mode, but the key features we are planning to build in include:water-pressure-inpage.png

  • Take, store and give access to all pressure data from different technologies including transient sensors capturing readings up to 100 times a minute
  • Multiple defined areas assigned to the loggers, e.g. DMAs & HDZs
  • Mobile loggers shall retain information on where they were installed, and data provided shall be indexed against each installation
  • Incident enactment will show what happened on the network before and after events occur, allowing an evaluation into the possible triggers, and thus predict future occurences
  • The solution will be built as an app to allow users to access logger data whilst in the field

There are many other key features we are looking to build in and the Pressure Management system comes with numerous benefits to the users.



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