Insights into water competition

The effect of water deregulation on England’s SME businesses

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About Wheatley

Wheatley was formed in 1991 to offer a solution to UK electricity supply sector that would enable the transfer of market messages required to allow customers to switch provider following the introduction of competition to the market.

Fast forward to today and as a company, Wheatley have over 25 years of experience in delivering effective, industry compliant market messaging solutions to the UK energy sector and have deep domain expertise in developing mission critical solutions that enable supplier switching for end customers. Wheatley’s energy market messaging solution is at the heart of the supplier switching process for more than half of the UK gas and electricity market.

Where we score above other service providers is our deep understanding of the industry and our commitment to understanding real process issues so that we can design solutions that deliver genuine business improvements in this space. We’ve successfully completed scores of IT project for many of the UK’s strongest utility services, confirming our position as the leading specialists in our market. For example, the impact of our market messaging and asset management software solutions spreads the length and breadth of the UK’s 22m homes, supervising over 16m of householders’ assets – the equivalent of over 16,000 transactions processed each day in the UK alone.

Wheatley combine a focus on system security and industry compliance with a strong understanding of the needs of our customers and their solution users. Experience in the electricity and gas market has shown us that the changes brought about by the introduction of competition doesn’t just stop after the go live date – business process change becomes a constant necessity to ensure competitive advantage through efficiency and service excellence.

That is why our solutions are always configurable to individual customer requirements, and can be set up with minimum effort and integrate with existing customer infrastructure.

As the water market has now opened to competition in the commercial sector, Wheatley are using their industry knowledge and expertise to help water companies make the most of the Open Water programme and the exciting opportunities that the deregulation presents.